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Sheba Geddam

BCM-Canada provides Process Improvement and Cost Management services to small, medium to large sized businesses across all types of industries. Given the current economic conditions, there is a big imperative now to reduce costs. BCM works purely on the policy No Results, No Charge so now is a good time and opportunity to improve processes, reduce costs and increase profits on a no-risk basis for businesses. This also assures the service standards for vendors, product and processes are improved resulting in cost savings.

About Me:

Sheba is an established Project Management Professional (PMP) and a graduate in Bachelors of Technology with many years of experience of working in Project and Process Management, Business Analysis, System and Software Development. Sheba is familiar with industry standard frameworks like PMI-PMBOK, SEI-CMM, SEI-CMMi, Six Sigma, ITIL, ISO along with sound knowledge of project management concepts, theories, process frameworks and methodologies. She has implemented solutions, efficiency improvements and strategies to achieve organizational goals.

So, if you need savings, we can help you save money by conducting detailed analysis of overheads and supplies.

We look at the non-strategic spend areas such as:

  1. Packaging
  2. Freight/Courier/Taxi Costs
  3. Stationery/Computer/Printing Supplies
  4. Cleaning Contracts & Supplies
  5. Maintenance Contracts & Supplies
  6. Fuel – Gas, Diesel, Oil, Electric
  7. Waste Management
  8. Food Costs
  9. Communications – Landlines/Mobiles
  10. Print Management
  11. Boiler Treatments
  12. Bank Charges/Bank Interest
  13. Pest Control
  14. Insurance
  15. Raw Materials
  16. Protective Clothing
  17. Credit Card Costs
  18. Property Rents
  19. Plant & Equipment Hire
  20. and many more…