5 Steps How Does the Process Work?

1. Initial Audit: BCM gathers all the raw data required to conduct the project. This takes 1-2 days. It is not necessary for our clients to assign staff to this as BCM provides all the resources required.
2. Analysis & Savings Identification: This is the body of the project whereby BCM identifies and quantifies your savings.
3. Final Report: This contains all the information in relation to the now identified savings in your business. It includes where the savings come from, how to achieve them, calculation of the savings etc.
4. Implementation: BCM does not just give you a Report BCM will also ensure that the recommendations for savings are actually implemented on the ground (if we do not, we do not get paid!).
5. Ongoing Monitoring: If you wish, BCM will monitor the savings for a 2 year period to guarantee that you continue to get the savings as outlined in the Final Report.