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Address: Santiago
Country: Chile


BCM Innovation Ltda. offers effective cost reduction services, advising customers on how to operate efficiently while reducing operating costs without compromising high service levels and effective specifications. Successful implementation of all proposals is our main goal.
BCM is a Cost Management Company with more than 30 offices in 18 different countries around the world.
BCM has an experienced team, which throughout the years has assisted small, medium and large organisations to reduce their ongoing cost base with significant success in all sectors.
In BCM, we are specialists in cost reduction and we charge only a percentage of the savings found, ensuring a win-win deal for our client.

“No Savings … No Charge”

About Me:

Commercial Engineer from Universidad Mayor.  20 years experience working in Multinational Companies.
By joining BCM I want to make a difference to my clients. I have always thought that if the company is doing fine … then, its employees are doing fine. So, my target is to help Companies to save money and get better results.